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Messin with a guitar sounds
Date: 30.01.2009

Some time ago Axe send an internet link to the YouYube movie that contained some music improvisations of really talented guy, Ronald Jenkees. I liked it very much and I deciced to play a bit with it. The tune was already created half a year ago, but I did not present it until now, because I was waiting for two words of agreement from Ronald. Unfortunately, I don't know if emails reached their destination. Hope you like it! - Xray

Forever Reneg8
Date: 21.03.2007

With a great pleasure, I present my newest track called Shake your ass, which took the first place in music competition at Forever Copy Party in Trencin, Slovakia. - X-Ray.

Po Twojej pysznej zupie...
Date: 09.01.2007

Reccently, because of boredome, I spent an evening on preparing a spoof tune Dota, originally created by Basshunter. Hope you enjoy this, please click here to download mp3.

Radio UXA reactivation
Date: 20.10.2006

After a longer break in the activity, I'm inviting you again to weekly Sunday Radio UXA brodcasting. On the upcoming program 22.10.2006 we'll have two guests: Greg and Samurai. New feature in the radio is the song requester - now the playlist is set by you! Details on
dj X-Ray

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Trinity site - Greg homepage - An 8-bit atari game called Yoomp! - sounds and music library

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Packages & archives:

download all chip files
(1.07MB, zip) update 30.I.2009

Module archive
All modules sorted chronologically.

List of modules:

1. Messin with a guitar sounds
Author: X-Ray (org. Ronald Jenkees)
Platform: PC
Time: 4.42

2. Flip The Flop (lollipop)
Author: X-Ray (org. Reyn Ouwehand)
Platform: PC
Time: 3.04

3. Shake your ass
Author: X-Ray
Platform: Atari
Time: 2.45
.sap  .tm8  

4. Po Twojej pysznej zupie...
Author: X-Ray
Platform: PC
Time: 1.59

5. Zizibum
Author: X-Ray
Platform: Atari
Time: 6.32
.sap  .tm8  .mp3  

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X-Ray's PC-modules:

platform: PC
size: 5,9Mb
type: it, s3m, mod
download zip archive


Results of Grayscale Music Compo 2003

Results of Grayscale Music Compo 2004

Bartosz Kalinowski
A set of modules created mainly by Bartman (Amiga), collected and remixed by his friends.

download - 44MB

Michal Radecki

Let us present a nice tune created by Michał Radecki (aka stRing), formerly known as Tehno/High Voltage.


Greg's Atari music archive
This is a complete music archive, which contains all "native" atari modules created by Greg. The archive is divided into subdirectories connected with various music collections, and each module has been prepared in two versions - native atari format and SAP file.
platform: Atari
Size: 440kb (7z), 954 (zip)
ZIP archive
7z archive

Voice of Silence VI - Expectancy
Music Collection by Greg
platform: pc

Burning World.mp3
Back To Life.mp3
Extr. Flammable #1.mp3
Extr. Flammable #2.mp3
Just The Music.mp3

Szpecyfik Kolekszyn
Music Collection by X-Ray
platform: atari
size: 21kb
download zipped .atr image

Xray - cmc
Music Collection by X-Ray
platform: atari
size: 49kb
download zipped .atr image

nic.gif About us

Grayscale Project  

Grayscale project is a group of three musicians: Greg - Grzegorz Kwiatek, X-Ray - Łukasz Sychowicz & BeWu - Bartek W±siel which got in touch thanks to the ATARI computer.
"Grayscale" name comes, as one can guess from the founders' nicknames - Greg & X-ray. At the end of 2003, Bewu, the winner of Grayscale Music Competition I has joined us.

We create our music with ATARI XE/XL computer, using (usually) Theta Music Composer by Jaskier/Taquart, the most advanced Atari XE/XL tracker. One can listen our modules with your PC - thanks to the SAP files you can download from this page. You can listen to them via (for example) SAP Player or via Winamp thanks to the Winamp ASAP-plugin.




Sap player
Slight atari player v 1.54
by Adam Bienias
size: 19kb
download zip archive

Another Slight Atari Player
by Piotr Fusik
rozmiar: 461kb
pobierz archiwum zip

Sapmaker 5
this tool can create
SAP files
size: 74kb
download zip archive

Theta Music Composer
for atari 8-bit computers
atr images - v1.0 and 1.11
size: 105kb
download zip archive

Music Pro Tracker
for atari 8-bit computers
atr image - v2.4s
size: 22kb
download zip archive

this tool you can make
atr image
size: 54kb
pobierz archiwum zip

Atari 800 win v.4.0
Atari 8 bit emulator
size: 640b
download zip archive


A set of photos connected mainlny with our scene activity.